We do offer limited Grooming (mostly Goldens) and Boarding services.   I do not take multiple family dogs at one time.   Dogs must be up to date on vaccines and get along well with other dogs.   Because puppies require more attention, puppies are boarded when it is possible for me to take time off from my “regular” job.   Please call or text or email for appointments for grooming or boarding.  PHONE 954-849-7535     EMAIL  kristi@kilowattgoldens.com
Fee schedule: GROOMING
Adult Dog Full Groom (shampoo and condition, dry, trim, ears cleaned, nails trimmed) $60
Adult Dog Bath only (all of the above but no trimming) $45-50
Junior Dog (6-12 months) Full Groom $50
Puppy (8 weeks-6 months) $25-35
De-mattingI do my best to not have to cut or shave the mats $25-35
BOARDING     we are not currently boarding dogs.
You provide the food and we provide daily walks (weather permitting), we provide toys and treats.