February 2015:  Finally decided to enter a TD test before our certification expired.  Entered the Mid-FL GR TD/TDU test and PASSED! on our first attempt.  Queso is now Kilowatt's Jalapeno Popper TD, NAP,NFP
On to TDX training, moving up to regular agility classes and starting formal obedience training so hopefully more to come.....
December 2014:  We finally put it all together and completed our Novice Preferred Standard title in Miami.   Queso is now Kilowatt's Jalapeno Popper NAP
WOW....we entered a new class FAST and Queso earned her Novice Fast Preferred title in 3 straight tries in one weekend in W. Palm Beach the end of December.  Queso is now Kilowatt's Jalapeno Popper NAP, NFP
Next stop Davie, FL in January 2015.
June 2014:  After taking some time off to recover from surgery we are almost ready to hit the agility ring again.   June 21 and 22nd we will be in Arcadia to hopefully complete Queso's Novice title.  The following weekend, June 28 and 29th we will be in Orlando for our first DACOF competition.
The last of our certifications has been done.  Queso has passed her heart and eye checks.  Hip and elbow x-rays also look good and are awaiting the official grading by OFA.  It looks like there WILL be little "Cheese-Its" in the future.
April 2014   WHOOT! WHOOT!   Queso is now certified to take her tracking test.  She has proved to the judges that she knows why she is out in that field.  Now to find a test this fall or  winter and hope we get in. 

January 2014, Davie, Fl.  Queso entered her first agility trial.  She now has 2 legs of her Novice Standard Preferred title with a 2nd place finish on Saturday and 1st place finish on Sunday.

Treasure finished her AKC Championship August 23rd in Atlanta going WB/BOW under Christopher Neale!!! 



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